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Wollow Pro

Everyone uses WhatsApp for their chat-based communication method, so this platform will be all you need to manage order follow-ups on WooCommerce.

How Wollow Can Help You

Easier order follow-up on WooCommerce that is more personalized.

Multiple Follow-Up Buttons

Customize your own templates for messages to send to customers each day.

Custom Template Every Day

Customize your own templates for messages to send to customers each day.

Mobile Friendly

Wollow is responsive and can adapt to your screen size, making it user-friendly whether on desktop or mobile.

Lead Customers through WhatsApp

Contacting customers personally can create a sense of exclusivity, especially considering that the average open rate for WhatsApp is over 80% — Make the most of this!

Follow Up Settings

The settings page is minimalist and user-centred, making it very easy and intuitive to navigate.

What They Say

Here’s what they say about Wollow.

Following up potential customers are much easier just by clicking a few buttons on my phone. We can even use it to upsell related products.
– Sukiyem
(CEO Pasar Prapatan)

I’ve only used the manual version, but hopefully the automatic version can automate the process even more.
– Lupa Pulang
(Owner Jarang Mandi)

There are many similar plugins, but Wollow is so convenient thanks to the easy and simple interface. I’ve chosen Wollow as the perfect sales partner.
– Abraham Nicoric
(Toko Kelontong)

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Free Plan

 1 Follow Up Button

 Limited to 10 Export Data Number

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Unlimited Plan

 Maximum 7 Follow Up Button

 Unlimited Export Data Number

 Automation (coming soon)

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