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Installation And Activation


You will need to install the Wollow plugin before using all its features. First, go to your website’s WordPress dashboard to access the plugin option. Then, go to Plugins > Add New. Next, click the upload plugin button at the top of the page, then upload the Wollow plugin file that you already downloaded and start the installation. 

You are ready to use  Wollow plugin and its features after the installation.


The version of wollow right after installation is the free version with very limited utilities. To enjoy the full features of wollow, you need to activate a license to upgrade your Wollow into Wollow pro. 

After you make sure that the Wollow plugin is already installed in your WordPress, go to your WordPress plugin page,  then WooCommerce > Wollow. It will show you the dashboard for the Wollow free plan. To activate your wollow pro license,  click Activate button at the right top of the Wollow plugin.

After that, a pop-up will appear. Insert your wollow pro license key in the column, then click submit. If you don’t remember your license key, you can go to your wollow dashboard through a link provided in the pop-up.

Now your wollow account has been upgraded to Wollow pro.

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