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Customizing message templates

Wollow allowed users to customize the message templates sent to customers. The number of templates allowed is different according to your current plan.

For Free plan

Users are only given one message template for the free plan to customize. You need to upgrade your plan to get more templates. You can edit the first template message, customize the message as you wish, then save settings.

You can also send a message manually to your customer from the Woocommorce dashboard. From the plugin page, click WooCommerce >> Order. You will see the WhatsApp logo on each customer’s order detail. Click the logo, and you will be directed to the Whatsapp app or web to send the message manually.

Pro Plan

You can create up to seven templates for the pro plan. You can add more templates by clicking on the plus button next to the template number. The way to create a template is the same as the free plan. Edit the message template, then save settings.

The pro plan needs to connect with a device id to maximize its utility. After connecting to a device id, you can set schedules for each message template. 

To set the scheduling, what you need to do is enable the automation toggle located on the left top of the dashboard, if this option is disabled, you can only send the message manually.  There are two options for scheduling a message if you enable the automation. 

  1. Immediately, if you choose this option. Your message will be sent directly after your customer place the order for your product. 
  1. Schedule, with this option, your messages will be sent according to the schedule you set to send them. The way to read this scheduling is, for example, if you set the time at day 1, 01:01, your message will be sent one day after the purchase at exactly 01:01 am. So, if you buy on March 28, the message will be delivered on March 29.

Before setting up the schedule, make sure that you have chosen the right message template. The scheduling time only applied to the selected template. For example, if you want to set a schedule for template number 2, then click it first. The color of the template number will change to blue when you choose a template. You can set up the schedule after that.

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