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Connect Wollow with Whatsapp number

After activating the Wollow license and connecting with the device id, you also need to link your device with your Whatsapp number. To do that, go to Alusio Dashboard. You will see a table that shows your details, including your license id, your current plan, and many more.

On this page, click the Link Wa button located in the same row as your current device id as this image below.  

Input your name in the pop-up, then click submit. A QR code will appear. Scan the code using your WhatsApp web on your smartphone.

After connecting the device id with your Whatsapp number, you can see your number on the column. 

Try to send a message

To check whether your phone number is correct or not, you can try sending a message using Wollow. Go to action >>  more >> try sending a message.


Input the recipient number, write your message, then click send. Then, check whether the recipient target receives your message.

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